Check out our crew!

What a bunch of brainiacs.

Alan Sumina, CEO

Alan is the co-founder and CEO of Nanobit. Data analytics and running the company are among his many specialties. In addition to dealing with all the important paperwork, he'll find the time to run the team projects and come up with exciting new ideas. The QA team loves him because he usually finds the bugs no one else thought about. A true master of corporate finances and mobile gaming trends, he handles all the challenges with unwavering focus.

Zoran Vučinić, CEO

Zoran started Nanobit alongside Alan. As the CEO, he negotiates with business partners and leads team projects with copious knowledge, vigor and enthusiasm. He enjoys designing games for our female gamers and is an expert on fashion titles and popular culture, always in touch with the mobile market's latest fads. Equal parts style and smile, Zoran will always help you with some advice or elegantly deal with a potentially sticky situation in his stride.

Jure, Head of Product

Jure is a creative force who's always on the lookout for new ways to improve projects under his care. Fashion games are his passion. He's really involved in games he works on, consistently coming up with interesting visual and conceptual promotional solutions. Loves mobile games and is keen to explore experiences new technologies enable. Jure is into fitness, likes fast cars, house music and visiting exotic locations. GTA and Sims series are among his favorite games.

Luka, Technical Director

Luka is not only a great game developer and a brilliant programmer, but a meticulous jack-of-all-trades (and master of some!) always ready to jump in with some advice. He worked on every fashion game Nanobit made so far, but he'll excel at any type of project he gets assigned to. Loves SF, hoards games but - being a completist - can’t find enough time to play them all and surfs the net when he wants to unwind. Likes cycling more than driving.  

Nikolina, Senior Artist

A diligent and resourceful artist, Nikolina loves working in Illustrator and Photoshop, and learning new things while overcoming challenges. Drawing is her biggest passion. In her free time she illustrates children’s books, reads travelogues and works on improving her photography. She adores nature, hiking and mountaineering, and has recently become a licensed mountain guide. Given half a chance, she’d travel the world via hot air balloon.

Matko, Game Developer

Matko is the best programsigner* in the world! (*A profession in which you design dresses and program in your spare time. It's the fastest growing occupation in the last decade!). His coding is exquisite and his excellent logic often comes in handy on demanding projects. He strives for quality and likes to constantly improve. He recently got into squash and table tennis. The fact that we just got a ping-pong table might have something to do with it.  

Iva, Art Director

Iva is a quiet, lovely lady who draws like Samwise. That's Samwise Didier, Art Director at Blizzard, not Samwise Gamgee from LOTR - although we hear he can also draw pretty well. She's an expert on character design and is constantly working to improve her already amazingly impressive skills. Iva watches a lot of documentaries and is a walking encyclopedia of animal trivia, among other things. Loves 3D animation, Pixar movies and is into medieval fairs and festivals.

Marija, Senior Artist

She majored in classical painting in Florence, and that fact alone speaks volumes about Marija’s skill and competence. She’s a highly motivated artist who brings a unique mixture of professionalism, humor and intelligence to every project. Has an amazing ability to remember names and make people around her feel comfortable and valuable. Marija makes stop-motion animated films, plays piano, adores animals and is endlessly inspired by the sea and her home island of Ist.

Dragana, Senior Artist

Dragana comes from a large family - she's the youngest of five sisters! - and that might be one of the reasons for her kind personality, which is reflected in her unique artistic approach. She excels at drawing cute and charming creations, and recently she's been working mostly on fashion titles, which is fitting, since she majored in fashion design. Dragana is also an accomplished tailor. Loves animals, and has recently started experimenting with airbrush painting. 

Dajana, Senior Artist

A resourceful and versatile artist, Dajana is inspired by European digital painters and illustrators, and she loves doing full illustrations, everything from the environment and background to the characters. She's perpetually cheerful, always smiling and absolutely radiates positive energy. She likes to put on her headphones and listen to music really loudly, repeating the same song all day, and her voice can cheer up even those who got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Milan, Senior Artist

Milan thrives on character design and loves animating in classic 2D, especially different dishes and recipes. Which is great for our many cooking simulations, and less great for Milan if he has to google food-related references before lunch break. We usually need an Elvish translator to understand him, but that doesn't make him any less nice or helpful. Just don't ask the marine wildlife - as an amateur underwater spearfisher, he tends to be the bane of unsuspecting sea fauna.

Drago, Game Producer

Drago is energetic, outspoken, dedicated and a true pleasure to work with! He coordinates activities between programmers, designers and testers but also creates content and helps with every step of the creative process. He played basketball for most of his life, but went from a fast and furious playmaker to a ponderous one in the last few years. Drago's gaming favorites are the HoM&M series, OGame and Pokemon.

Ivor, Lead Artist

Funny, smart and absolutely rocking in 3D, Ivor is a fountain of creative ideas and the first person you're going to ask for an opinion when you get stuck on a project. His luscious hair is the envy of many a colleague. Design and character animation are the aspects of his work he loves the most. In his free time he plays the drums, guitar and Skyrim, and devours large quantities of apples.

Hanja, Lead Artist

Probably the most finicky artist here, a pure pixel perfectionist, she likes her art clean and tidy. Hanja loves working on challenging projects and is patiently waiting for an SF one to come along. In the meantime, she excels on various projects she’s assigned to. Her favorite pastime is getting everyone in the room to hum the same tune all day long and despise themselves for it. An old school game fan, Hanja counts Legend of Zelda and Broken Sword series among her favorites.

Matija, Junior Game Producer

Matija is an exceptional bug catcher and a bit of a gameplay concept freak. Calmly and quietly he works hard to make sure our every title is spotless and still manages to find time to be our celebrity and a personal spokesperson when the occasion calls for it. And if all of that wasn't cool enough, Matija practiced swimming for 13 years, is into riding bikes and he plays the trumpet in an orchestra. A well-balanced individual, no doubt!

Tomislav, Lead Developer

He just loves the challenge of exploring how things work and is constantly improving his skills. Tomislav's sharp mind is useful not only in his professional environment, but also in different board games where quick thinking is required. Everybody wants him on their team! Adores all video games, a good movie or a TV show in any genre and plays guitar. Loves Star Wars but is not too fond of George Lucas and firmly believes that Sith are cooler than Jedi.

Matej, Senior Video Artist

Our creative force, a true comedian with a strong accent from the south of the country. He likes to joke a lot, but when it comes to work, there’s no stopping him until he’s completely satisfied with the results. All the girls in the office think he's cute. Matej is a massive movie maniac with over 5000 titles in his collection, and counting! Loves comics and is into CrossFit and cycling - regardless of climate, conditions or circumstances.

Sonja, Senior UI Designer

A refreshing addition to our versatile squad of graphic design powerhouses, Sonja had an impressive portfolio even before she came to Nanobit. And since there’s no better place for a young creative professional to hone her skills when it comes to mobile games and apps, this is definitely a fertile ground for her many talents. One of which, as we’re just finding out, includes photography.   

Matija, Animator

This versatile young professional has tried his hand in everything from metal and unique jewellery design to 3D modelling, animation and video editing, with great success. Matija often rubs elbows with celebrities and has worked on many high-profile projects. He brings his expertise in traditional art techniques like drawing, painting and sculpting to the exciting world of digital creation and continually produces interesting and inspiring work.

Josip, Senior Artist

This quiet and unassuming artist lets his creations speak for him. Josip has been drawing since kindergarten and he’s honed his skills to very impressive levels. He can become so immersed in his art that he forgets to eat or take a break. When he does unwind, it's usually around our ping pong table. He likes water, but not the rain and he’s into Irish culture and music. Dislikes the fact that St. Patrick’s Day is only celebrated once a year.

Marko, Senior Game Developer

He likes turn-based strategies and board games, which influenced his resourceful and tactical approach to problem solving. Overcoming a challenge and then tweaking and fine-tuning a product is what attracted him to game development. He loves a good mystery and enjoys everything horror-related. Marko is also into new technologies, VR and robotics. Maybe one day he'll develop hardware as well as software!

Ivan Krešimir, Senior Game Developer

Ever since the beginning of elementary school, he was telling anybody who’d listen that he’d be a game developer when he grew up, so this is literally a childhood dream come true. Lucky for us, he’s also very good at it! He enjoys seeing the game go from its rough outlines to the final, polished stage. Adventures are his favorite gaming genre, but he loves anything with an engaging story, in any form available.

Domagoj, Operations Team Lead

Domagoj is a versatile professional (with a fabulous hairstyle) who loves everything about games and gaming, from the development process and mechanics to art and animations. He’s a hard-core SF fan, anime aficionado and comic connoisseur. He also rightly considers Batman to be the best hero ever. Fun fact: Domagoj is an expert in acrobatic rock’n’roll, having trained for almost a decade, but these days he’s more into traditional folk dances.

Dubravko, Senior UI Designer

Dubravko was in love with hand-drawn characters and backgrounds ever since the days of Amiga 500, and the fusion of his two passions – gaming and drawing – brought him into this industry. A Photoshop expert, he's always devising new ways to optimize his work and make the most of the tools he uses. Like his favorite hero, Conan the barbarian, he never stops until he reaches his goal. Loves hardcore metal, WW2-related history and – amazingly enough – green tea.

Dino, Senior Game Developer

Drawn to all things creative, Dino experimented with drawing, writing and music from an early age, finally deciding to focus on game development, since it included all this and more. He loves seeing the end result of his code-writing efforts in the finished game and is inspired by tackling tough challenges. He’s into the culture of the Far East, zen philosophy, anime, manga, and is currently perfecting his Japanese.

Sven, QA Lead

His early interest in computers and mobile games lead him to his first self-bought smartphone, and today he is an important member of Nanobit’s game tester team. He enjoys working in a team and likes to say that his team members are like his family. He likes finding bugs that nobody else already found. His specialties are mobile technology, device specifications and knowledge of Android Operating System, and of course going to the gym.

Matejka, Senior Game Developer

This dedicated, capable and bright developer was always into math and programming. Matejka loves all aspects of computer graphics, especially the fact that they enable her to express herself creatively through programming. She’s inspired by discovering new things in this engaging area. Her two favorite pastimes are photography and cynology – she owns two large dogs. Matejka reads like it’s going out of fashion, loves travel and is fascinated by the French language.

Vladimir, Senior Game Developer

A fan of video games since he first laid his eyes on Doom and Duke Nukem 3D, Vlado is a developer with a keen eye for details (and finding typos) who loves when complex problems are solved with simple and clever solutions. In his free time he plays both the drums and video games and consumes video game culture. His all-time favorites include Civilization 5, Uncharted 2 and SW: KOTOR. Loves humor in all its forms, especially stand-up comedy and the Archer TV series.

Tomislav, Project Manager

It is said that the project manager is a person who believes nine women can deliver a baby in one month, and Tomislav subscribes to that doctrine. He’s a reliable and energetic problem solver who enjoys interaction with people and optimization of business operations. Loves basketball and has a very cool nickname - Tomahawk, from his early hoop-shooting days. His all-time fave games are Fallout 2, Baldur’s Gate 2, Max Payne, God of War and Uncharted.

Josip, Senior Artist

Another one of our artists who knew exactly what he wanted to do ever since he was a kid, Josip draws from pre-school. An adaptable and creative professional, he likes all types of visual arts, although comic book style is probably his favorite. He’s most fascinated by the smallest details in drawings and paintings, and the amount of painstaking effort some creators put in their work. Josip loves the challenge of lifting weights, and also plays guitar (somewhat badly, at the moment).

Domagoj, Senior QA Associate

Game testing looks like a walk in the park, until you scratch the surface and see the more laborious aspects of it, like replaying one level or one section over and over again, looking for bugs and glitches. It takes a special kind of dedication to do it right, and Domagoj is just the man for the job. He’s determined, methodical and enthusiastic about his work. He loves the DBZ anime so much it even earned him a nickname “Gohan” and his favorite game is Europa Universalis IV.

Dominik, Lead Developer

He loves game, web and mobile development – basically, everything with a graphic output he can tweak and tune, and see exactly what his efforts yield. Chases after bugs in the code with relentless determination and dedication. Dominik adores detective mysteries and noir in all forms, so it’s no wonder his favorite game is Grim Fandango. He paints aquarelles, plays guitar, and is an accomplished illusionist. Card tricks are his favorite brand of close-up magic.

Šime, Marketing Lead Artist

Although he has a programming background and is accomplished in C, C++, Python, Javascript and other programming languages, Šime fell in love with the idea of creating his own worlds and characters, so he pursued a career in illustration and concept art. Later on, he included 3D modeling in his skill set and is now working with everything from Zbrush and Blender to Photoshop and Illustrator, among other things. Loves RPGs, MMOs, MOBAs, point-and-click adventures and fantasy books.

Lana, Game Developer

Her love for games started with countless childhood PlayStation sessions, whereas her love for programming grew over time, starting with high school. Lana finds it thrilling to see her code in action and get instant visual feedback. She loves animes and animation in general, and regrets having no artistic skills whatsoever. However, she’s a master puzzle assembler and thinks that the whole process is a great form of meditation. 

Marino, Game Developer

Described by others as “perpetually optimistic”, Marino found programming and working with algorithms the best part of his university education, so he quickly snapped up the chance to combine that affinity with his childhood love of games. He’s into finding elegant solutions for various programming problems and loves sinking his teeth into new technologies. Despite being from the seaside, contrary to the stereotype, he has no ear for music. 

Marko, Senior Artist

His main motivation in life is creating, be it with pen and paper, a graphic tablet or LEGO blocks. With a great eye for detail, Marko loves seeing his work come to life and being able to track his progress at the end of each day. Described by friends as “honest, earnest and fun at funerals”, he enjoys games in all shapes and forms, including brain teasers and Sudoku, as well as staying active by riding a bike, mountaineering and playing soccer. 

Ita, Graphic Designer

Ita is a graphic designer who likes her design clean and tidy. Her favourite part of the process is putting ideas on paper, preferably with a good old-fashioned pen. In her free time she likes to draw little botanical creatures, which is what she’d probably be doing for a children’s book publisher in an alternate universe. She loves dogs, especially the small ones and is into retro video games, notably old Squaresoft games. She can be often found working while listening to Final Fantasy music.

Norbert, Senior QA

A man who has quite a few hobbies already, and planning to have a lot more in the future (like archery, scuba diving and skydiving), would be either a rock star or a shepherd on Mars if he wasn’t our game tester. He loves horror games - the scarier the better! His second favorite thing after being scared is solving puzzles and enjoying interesting storylines.

Nikolina, Content Production Assistant

Nikolina loves to create. Especially when it comes to taking words and moulding them into something completely new! If it was possible, she would love to be able to time travel. Nikolina spends most of her time daydreaming and thinking about stuff. In a nutshell, she’s a pretty curious person, interested in anything interesting!

Borna, Data Analyst

Loving math from an early age seems to be a common denominator among our team of analysts and Borna is no exception. His favourite part of his job is finding bugs in the database, but if he didn’t spend his work days making sense of numbers he’d be pretty happy doing something related to astronomy. Easy-going and intelligent, he’s a fan of Football Manager and his hobbies include bridge and tennis. 

Ivana, HR Specialist

Ivana is not only a specialist but special - she has a twin brother and together they gave their parents several headaches, but were also featured in several books and magazines. She has a talent for seeing not only the potential, but the light in everything, both in prospective candidates and in Jack Daniels bottles that she uses to create lamps! As a little girl she used to drive everyone crazy singing around the house, preparing for her future career of superstar, but we’re lucky that she changed her mind along the way. Now she’s happiest in a pair of running shoes, racing her co-workers.

Marta, Game Developer

For Marta, it’s all about computer graphics, optimization algorithms and heuristics. She enjoys being given a problem and the desired outcome, then being creative and resourceful in filling the gaps. However, Marta is not just an awesome game developer, she’s also a very experienced folk dancer and salsa fan. In an alternate world, she’d own her own pastry shop, but she makes up for it by checking out all the pastry shops in Zagreb. 

Dino, 3D Artist

Dino (often called Čoki) was interested in drawing, comics and animation since he was a kid. Those interests paired with his talent lead him to 3D designing. Character design and organic modelling are two things he likes the most about it. There is one more interesting by-product of Dino’s artistic side: he sings in a death metal band called Hanged. If he could have a super power like one of his animated characters, he’d choose to learn math in just one day

Ana, Head of HR

Just like she likes to cook and try out different recipes, Ana likes finding perfect candidates so she can fit them into the big delicious Nanobit pie. She believes that candidates are ingredients without which our Nanobit team would be tasteless and incomplete. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that she enjoys creating employee engagement processes the most. Small things make her happy and she’s a big fan of interior design and photography.

Dimitrije, QA Associate

He’s one of those rare lucky men who stayed true to his first love for all these years - games. As a child, he enjoyed playing games such as Prince of Persia, Mahjong and Lemmings. The second place in his heart is reserved for the music. Besides guitar, he also plays drums and piano, and he is currently a member of three bands. So, if you are a fan of a good beat you can enjoy his performances during the weekends.

Maja, Production Associate

Maja divides the world into what she likes (RuPaul’s Drag Race, plants, Overwatch, gummy bears, brainstorming meetings, and languages) and what she dislikes (snow, Nutella, boats, flats, olive green, and pants). Reading and writing are definitely among the likes, and we’re thankful that she decided to turn them into a job, rather than her childhood dream of becoming a teacher. She spends her free time painting miniatures (we’re guessing not olive green) and she’d love to learn how to draw. Who knows, maybe we’ll soon have a new artist!

Miljenko, Senior UI Designer

As a child, he always liked to draw and scribble, until he discovered graphic design tools and asked his parents to buy him a computer. That brought together two of his great interests: graphic design and games. He is passionate about all types of games, particularly RPG’S. Above all skills he possesses, he is most proud of making an ideal espresso. Although he is a fresh member of our team, he has already captured our hearts.

Sebastian, Sound Designer/Composer

With his positive attitude, he greatly improved the atmosphere in the office. His state of mind can be best described by the statement "The whistle is always waiting to be blown, and in some ways, it gets me to do better work". He is passionate about everything that is creative and fun, including games, digital marketing, singing in a vocal ensemble and playing bass guitar. 

Elio, Data Analyst

Elio always loved mathematics and wanted to do something useful with it. Having that inspiring life philosophy, he easily found a place in our analytics team.
Besides playing the guitar, hanging out with friends and playing video games, his specialties are making predictive models and analysis (especially if the results are good). Learning how to fly would be the next one on his "bucket list".

Zsolt, QA Associate

Reliable, brutally honest and straight-to-the-point...That’s Zsolt! He feels challenged by the diversity in his job - even though he deals with common scenarios every day, he rarely meets the exact same people with the very same problems/questions. If he could make his job easier, he would choose to learn every single language possible. Pretty ambitious plan for this passionate musician who is playing in a few Budapest-based metal bands!

Branimir, Junior QA Associate

Branimir loves tinkering with many things. He does a bit of Photoshop one minute, the next he’s composing music or programming. As a kid he dreamed of becoming an inventor, and that love of invention, and all things creative, led him straight into the gaming world! He uses his sharp eye to find bugs in games, and we’re sure that same eagle eye comes in handy in one of his hobbies – archery! He’s a fan of nature so his favourite ways to relax are a good swim, a walk in the woods and gardening.

Ana Dominika, Junior Marketing Artist

Ana Dominika got her talent and inspiration from her dad, an awesome illustrator and her role model. Her true love are cartoons, everything from Disney to Ghibli, so she’s often found imagining her own stories and designing characters. She loves being able to create something and express herself, which also explains her love for photography and interior design. When she’s not drawing, she’s probably with her dog who is the biggest cuddler around, or travelling and discovering new cuisines. Truly dedicated to her work – if she could learn something in a day it would be perfect perspective and anatomy!

Radovan, Game Designer

Radovan believes all children are game designers – you'd have to be to create hours of fun using 3 marbles and a die-cast model car – but his interest held on to him a little longer than most. He loves the versatility of game design, where all information, every skill and interest can come in handy. Probably not surprising then that in another life he would have been a teacher in a foreign land. Curious and playful, he would like to learn cool tricks with everyday objects you can fit into your pocket, like coins, lighters and knives, or even the harmonica.

Vladislav, Head of Finance

With a strong auditing and tax background, our Excel Superhero is exactly what we need. He is in charge of making our Nano procedures as profitable and efficient as could be, and his favourite colour for painting all the numerous spreadsheets is green. Everyone would agree that he is a bubbly people-person, always here to share a laugh or two, or three… Money management is his forte, so of his two favourite games, maybe challenge him in dodgeball rather than Monopoly!

Luka, Junior Game Developer

Luka has found a career where his love for puzzles, problem-solving and creative thinking can really be put to good use! When his hands aren't flying over the keyboard coding and gaming, they're either strumming away on a bass or ukulele, or cooking and baking. Keeping himself that busy, it’s no wonder he’d like to control objects with his mind like a Jedi. He likes to ride his bicycle around Jarun, probably imagining himself as an F1 driver – both his passion and childhood dream. We hope to catch him there sometime, rumour has it he makes a killer barbecue. 

Mateja, Artist

To her, being an artist means having infinite possibilities and the opportunity to create new worlds. Through her work she tells stories and prefers to tell them to the youngest audience. She spends her free time watching animated movies and planting flowers. In another life she would have been a small animal veterinarian, despite her fear of spiders, but for now, she is very happy with her two cats. She also loves winter, preferably protected by several warm layers of clothing, her favourite of which are colourful socks – she calls them her trademark. 

Maja, Production Assistant

Maja has always loved a challenge, and she loves her job because it is full of them, dynamic and exciting. Excitement is something she’s wanted since childhood, when she dreamed of becoming a criminal investigator or archaeologist. We can imagine her Indiana Jones-ing around in nature, where she likes to take long walks to relax. Everyone who knows her knows she’s always up for a laugh, a co-op videogame, or grabbing the mike at karaoke nights when nobody else wants to!

Farhan, Head of User Acquistion

Farhan’s passions are games, numbers and selling – and look at the lucky guy who turned them into a job! He works around the clock to spread the word about Nanobit, but he likes to have fun as well! His hobbies include writing poems, playing all kinds of music and DJing, but when he’s not doing that, he’s probably exploring Zagreb’s music scene. His friends would say he’s honest, social and just a bit crazy. If he could learn anything in a day, he’d learn how to code his own game - we’ll see what happens.

Ana Marija, Community Manager

Our community manager is all about community – she loves hanging out with her friends, travelling, meeting new people and playing party games like Pictionary and charades (fair warning, she’s really good at those). Her favourite part of her job is the creative process and the production behind every post. She loves quality production in everything, so she relaxes with a good movie, book, or just listening to some rock and hip-hop. When she’s passionate about something, she’ll give it a 110%, so her posts are always carefully crafted!

Sara, Junior Artist

Sara became an artist because of her love for comics, and even though she now has extensive knowledge on them, even the lesser known ones, she still loves her original favourites – Prince Valiant, Usagi Yojimbo and Alan Ford. She keeps sketchbooks dedicated to drawing herself out of her comfort zone, and using materials she rarely uses. She says she bakes okayly, plays drums badly and embroiders eeehly, but she can also be found at kendo trainings. In another life she’d like to be an astrophysicist, and reads books on physics to relax. In her own words – quantum entaglement? What. The. Hell.

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