Check out some stats and facts about us.

  • 2008.

    Not long after the first iPhone was introduced, Alan Sumina and Zoran Vučinić founded Nanobit. This was the year that the App Store newly opened, and the two programmers were completely self-taught. Little did they know how successful they would be, which makes Nanobit’s journey even more exciting and admirable!

  • 2009.

    Ta-daaa! The duo created Nanobit’s first iOS app – Tap&Track. During the summer, the app was distributed to the international market and that’s when Nanobit found a home for the first time – in Radnička Street in Zagreb. Nanobit’s first employees showed up – they were responsible for improving Tap&Track by filling the database with restaurants, menus and products. October was our celebratory month – it was the first time we hit 100K downloads!

  • 2010.

    The Tap&Track app became even more personalised and was upgraded with features intended for diabetics and users with specific dietary requirements. Thanks to its quality, the app got quite a bit of world-class media attention from the likes of the New York Times, Harvard Health and The Guardian. Apple became a fan of Tap&Track and advertised it regularly on the cover of the App Store in the Health and Fitness category. Nanobit welcomed its first programmers and received its first prize ever! Tesla’s Golden Egg for the most innovative small to medium business, by the magazine VIDI and the Ruđer Bošković Institute. It was the ideal time to purchase our first award shelf for more awards to come 😉

  • 2011.

    After programmers, Nanobit started to gather excellent artists, designers and illustrators. This was the year when Nanobit’s first iOS game was created – Fashion City. Players were introduced to a world of fabric and style, and soon became great fashionistas. Nanobit grew more and more, which meant that the current office became too small for our tech and art departments. By the end of the year the team released another game – Flower City. Just three years after being founded, Nanobit hit 1 million installs!

  • 2012.

    Jeez, did Nanobit move to a bigger office AGAIN? At that time, the team consisted of 21 experts of various backgrounds, ranging from programmers to designers, illustrators and testers. Growing and developing, Nanobit felt more and more like a real family. Everybody gave their absolute best and was devoted wholeheartedly to becoming the coolest, funkiest, trendiest and the most attractive app developer of the highest quality. Nanobit was lucky to be in the million-installs-club, but the numbers kept rising uncontrollably after that. In March there were 5 million installs and by November the number doubled – 10 million installs!

  • 2013.

    Did we say 21? We actually meant 31 employees. This (for those times) huge headcount made us the largest Croatian game development company. In addition to expanding, Nanobit established a new organisational scheme, making the work and distribution clearer and more effective. Cross-platform development started, and we received the Golden Index for being Friends of Students. This was also the year when the Nanobit team was especially hardworking and published four new games. Hurry and check out Restaurant Town, Happy Zoo, Fashion Studio and Dragon Legends. Not many companies can boast with quadrupling  – in October we hit 20 million installs.

  • 2014.

    The year started with a bang, with the release of our celebrity lifestyle simulation called Superstar Life. This was our most successful game yet! The company moved. AGAIN! In our defence, we hired 20+ more people so fitting everyone in one office was a bit tricky. We ranked 13th on Deloitte’s list of Top 50 fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe and were also declared one of the best employers in 2014 in Croatia according to the annual anonymous employee survey conducted by the Moj Posao portal. Also, our CEOs got the EY Entrepreneurs of the Year Award! We opened a branch office in Hungary, published a quality mid-core title called Knight Raiders. In the very last month of 2014, Chef Town was released! Chef Town is still one of our most successful games.

  • 2015.

    With 70 awesome employees, we released a new game, Hollywood Story, which became an instant hit. Players around the world experienced the glam and glitter of famous celebrities! Through their smartphones, they became movie-stars, paparazzi favourites and influential celebs. Along with the growth of Nanobit, our award-shelf grew even more and became heavier. Eventually, we had to buy a few more shelves! Deloitte named us one of the fastest growing companies in Central Europe again, we were the runner-up for the Best Employer Award, FINA named Alan and Zoran Entrepreneurs of the Year and Croatian Exporters named us the Best Small Exporter. But the proudest point of the year was *drumroll please* hitting 40 million installs!

  • 2016.

    This year everything kept getting bigger and better! The number of employees increased by 40 and was now over 100! With hard work, fresh ideas and great motivation – we hit 50 million downloads! So, so proud! Another branch office was opened – we got a power-up by our colleagues in Romania. Four talented artists and one organised office assistant became part of our ever-growing family. We spread bits of fun to the Black Sea! New games, updates and features were yet to arrive, and some of them soft-launched at the end of 2016. We strongly believe players will (very much) enjoy creating their own stories, paths and even cook some delicious meals! Add a little sharing with friends and getting to know peers across the globe – fun is guaranteed! Alan and Zoran were nominated The most positive people of the year by the most popular Croatian news website! Seriously – wow! Were we surprised? Yes, because it didn’t happen sooner! We mean.. Look at what they accomplished! Also, Nanobit was named one of Croatia’s best start-ups. What a year! We are looking forward to entertain you for many to come!

  • 2017.

    This was one of the most exciting years for Nanobit, because it marked the introduction of three new (BIG!) projects! This was also the year when we started developing Nanobit’s first 3D game, which we are extremely proud of! If that’s not enough, we also released My Story, Nanobit’s first interactive story game! And we are moving, again! Our team grew even more so we needed a new office space, this time spanning over two floors! Nanobit received a number of awards this year. We were awarded the Digital Takeover Business Leaders in March; for achievement in the field of gaming as an export product! We were also the ONLY Croatian company which made it to FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies list. In December, Nanobit was included to the list of the fastest growing technology companies Technology Fast™ 500 Europe (EMEA) 2017, awarded by Deloitte. We also participated in Good Game, the largest regional humanitarian eSports competition, and won 2nd place! This year, we reached 65 million downloads, with over 3.5 million monthly active users! Go Nanobit!

  • 2018.

    Once again, we made it to the FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies list by the Financial Times. We’re extremely proud and happy about this achievement! My Story was created in 2017., but in 2018. it already joined the rank of the top 100 US most downloaded games list and the top 100 grossing list! My Story had its first major success when it reached 8th place on the top downloads for free games on the App Store in the UK! We also went to Good Game 2018., where we won third place in CS: GO!

  • 2019.

    To celebrate our 10th birthday, we completely changed our image! Welcome to our rebranded web page, and keep an eye on what we do in the future 😉