Check out some stats and facts about us.

  • Founded: February 2008
  • Released titles: 29 titles – 10 apps and 19 games, on iOS and Android platforms
  • Founders: Alan Sumina and Zoran Vučinić
  • Sources of capital: Private equity
  • Number of employees: 100+
  • Headquarters: Zagreb, Croatia (European Union)
  • Branch offices: Budapest, Hungary
  • Total number of downloads: Over 100 million, aprox. 3,5M unique active users per month
  • Greatest hits: Hollywood Story, My Story, Chef Town, Superstar Life, Tap & Track, Fashion City 2, Fashion Design World, Fashion Studio
  • 100% of revenue from the App Store and Google Play



27 May 2019
Snap Back to Reality

It's not easy coming back to work on a gloomy, grey Monday morning after you’ve just had the trip of a lifetime! We shall, therefore, try to reminisce as much as...

23 May 2019
Let’s greet Crete!

  Our recent rebranding isn’t the only way we’re going to celebrate our 10th birthday ;) We’ve decided to combine a few of our favourite things –...

21 May 2019
Spring Cleaning in Nanobit!

Recently Nanobit celebrated a huge milestone – no less than our 10th birthday! We decided it was time for some big changes – out with the old, in with the new. If...