Check out some stats and facts about us.

  • Founded: February 2008
  • Released titles: 29 titles – 10 apps and 19 games, on iOS and Android platforms
  • Founders: Alan Sumina and Zoran Vučinić
  • Sources of capital: Private equity
  • Number of employees: 100+
  • Headquarters: Zagreb, Croatia (European Union)
  • Branch offices: Budapest, Hungary
  • Total number of downloads: Over 100 million, aprox. 3,5M unique active users per month
  • Greatest hits: Hollywood Story, My Story, Chef Town, Superstar Life, Tap & Track, Fashion City 2, Fashion Design World, Fashion Studio
  • 100% of revenue from the App Store and Google Play



21 May 2019
Spring Cleaning in Nanobit!

Recently Nanobit celebrated a huge milestone – no less than our 10th birthday! We decided it was time for some big changes – out with the old, in with the new. If...

26 Apr 2019
A Bit of Birthday Cake

Who's that singing Happy Birthday? Oh, it's us! One of our greatest hits, Hollywood Story, celebrated it's fourth birthday today! When we look back to how far we've...

15 Apr 2019
Reboot Develop 2019

Dubrovnik – here we come! We're great fans of the Reboot Develop conference, and make no mistake, we were there this year as well. The company seemed like a...