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Nanobit Game Jam: Hack it 'till you make it!

Creating a game from scrach in 48 hours? No problem! When you work in a programming/artistic environment, love for challenging tech projects starts running through your veins.

Even though our Game Jam was supposed to be an annual event, Nanopeeps threw a second Game Jam just four months after the first one. More than half of the Nano-population participated in the thrilling project of creating content, programming and illustrating a game in just two days. There were 53 participants with an infinite number of awesome ideas!

The best thing about a Game Jam is the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and away from your usual day-to-day tasks. For example, our marketing experts have learnt how to edit videos and do simple coding, while our programmers found themselves in the roles of creative writers. It was exciting, to say the least. ;)

Eight teams created eight cool projects: Prison Escape, Kart Racing Game, Spooky Scary Soul Seeker Squad, Office Games, Pirates ShootStuff, Waiting Room, Office Zombie Apocalypse, Ugly Tamagotchi. 

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