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Story about Nanobit in "Svijet aplikacija"

The crew of "Svijet aplikacija", TV magazine aired on Croatian Radio Television, recently had an interview with our very own Jure Rasic. Jure walked the TV crew through our office and our history.

Jure talked about what is it that we do in Nanobit, how big the company is at the moment & which big events & plans lie ahead. He revealed what’s necessary for a well functioning game production process & how does a normal working day look like in our office. He also revealed which challenges do we face as the biggest game development studio in Croatia and what it means to work in a fast-changing field of mobile gaming, where competition just keeps on growing.

The first game crafted under the Nanobit name was also mentioned, as Fashion City marked a beginning of a new era in company history. Jure also explained the current success of My Story, which did not happen overnight & is a result of our work during last two years.

Finally, he announced our new projects in-making.

Watch the entire interview:

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