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Let's be honest – working in a game development company means having fun every day.  But, there is that time of the year when we decide to leave our comfy office, and go for an adventure! It was the biggest Nanobit team building so far, since we hit the 100th employee milestone a few months ago.

This year, we went to Pula – one of Istria's most beautiful towns. The breath-taking region is famous for prosciutto, gorgeous landscapes and crystal-clear sea. Luckily for us, the weather was great, so some of us took the first swim in the sea this year. That is why Cape Kamenjak near Pula was the perfect location for relaxing on the second team building day, after the activities and partying. 

Instead of the usual sports activities and competitive tasks, we decided to ‘go big or go home’ and shoot a short movie. Everyone thought it would be an easy task – where could the creators of successful games like Hollywood Story and Superstar Life go wrong?

Anyway, some of us took up the role of the creative directors, some were cameramen and some have shown Hollywood-worthy acting performances! Eight teams have shot different movies of different genres - there were political comedies, chick flicks, video game parodies, etc. The best ones got awarded for their performances, so we can freely say that we have A-list actors working with us! 

And that needed to be celebrated! Dance shoes, fluttery dresses and cheerful smiles filled up the dance floor. Seems like singing and dancing are our favorite hobbies, right after programming and illustrating. All those Rock and Karaoke nights in the Nanohouse have paid off. ;) 

We are looking forward to our next team building, if you’d like to join us on our adventure, check our open position! ;)

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