Rely on us to add some extra sparkle to your ordinary moments!




Nanobit is a game development studio based in Zagreb, Croatia and our purpose is to put extra into ordinary!

Two guys started Nanobit in 2008. Today, the team consists of more than 110 experts of various backgrounds, all dedicated to one goal – the development of high-quality, super-fun games! The headquarters are in Zagreb, Croatia with a branch office in Budapest. As much as we like the usual, the ordinary, that much we strive to make ordinary moments in life extraordinary. That extra effort is the essence of our philosophy. It’s the reason to keep playing our games when the everyday life is a bit boring and needs the escape into non-reality. Frankly, we need games even when the everyday life is just that everyday and ordinary. We strive to make it extra, to make it count, to make it different, and to make it memorable.




Congratulations, mayor! You’re now in charge of your very own city! After scoring a landslide victory, it’s now your job to make sure that the city is a fun and entertaining place to live.


Play exciting match-3 levels to build and decorate your own lost island!
Match different elements to restore and decorate your beautiful land. Enjoy hundreds of levels of fun, challenging puzzles packed with adorable animals and cute characters.


Have you ever imagined yourself as the main character in your favorite romantic movie? Tabou Stories lets you do just that! Make choices that matter – wear beautiful outfits, navigate the drama and fall in love. In Tabou, you make your secret dreams come true!


  • 2008

    Nanobit founded by Alan Sumina and Zoran Vučinić.

  • 2009

    Alan and Zoran developed their first app, Tap&Track and achieved remarkable results with over 450.000 lifetime downloads.

  • 2010

    Two new applications published, intended for diabetics and people with specific dietary requirements.

    Tap&Track was globally recognised and mentioned in the New York Times, Harvard Health and The Guardian.

    We received our first prize! Tesla’s Golden egg for the most innovative small to medium business.

  • 2011

    We started developing our very first iOS game, Fashion City.

  • 2012

    A year of wild growth – we grew to 21 people, had 10 million game downloads and launched Fashion Design World.

  • 2013

    We became Croatia’s largest game development studio with 31 employees. Released four new mobile games – Restaurant Town, Happy Zoo, Fashion Studio and Dragon Legends.

  • 2014

    What a life! We developed our first lifestyle title, Superstar Life, one of our most successful games to date! This was our first year to be recognised on the Leading Tech Company Central European Fast 50 list by Deloitte.

  • 2015

    We’re on a roll! Another hit title – Chef Town. We employed more than 20 additional professionals, were recognised as one of the best employers in 2014 in Croatia and were ranked 13th on the Leading Tech Company Central European Fast 50 list by Deloitte.

  • 2016

    A year of milestones. We released our major hit, Hollywood Story, welcomed our 100th employee and kept climbing the European Fast 50 list – 11th place! Our founders received the Croatian EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

  • 2017

    We released our first storytelling game – My Story: Choose Your Own Path. This year we were the only Croatian company on the Financial Times Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies list, and recognised on the Technology Fast 500 Europe (EMEA) list of the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe.

  • 2018

    My Story and Hollywood Story rose to the Top 100 games in the US, both by downloads and by revenue.

  • 2019

    We celebrate our 10th birthday with a complete makeover! How do you like the rebranded Nanobit?



Alan Sumina, CEO

Co-founder and CEO of Nanobit, Alan started company as 20 year old student. In the early days of the company, his role was programming, and now his focus is mostly on business development, performance marketing and analytics. In addition to dealing with all the important paperwork, he’ll find the time to run the team projects and come up with exciting new ideas. More

Zoran Vučinić, CEO

Zoran started Nanobit alongside Alan. As the CEO, he negotiates with business partners and leads team projects with copious knowledge, vigor and enthusiasm. He enjoys designing games for our female gamers and is an expert on fashion titles and popular culture, always in touch with the mobile market’s latest fads. Equal parts style and smile … More

Jure Rašić, Head of Games

Jure is our games guru and creative force who’s always on the lookout for ideas and features for games. Mobile games are his passion. He’s really involved in games he works on, detail-oriented and enthusiastic about every aspect of game development… More

Luka Piljek, Technical Director

Luka is not only a great game developer and a brilliant programmer, but a meticulous jack-of-all-trades (and master of some!) always ready to jump in with some advice. He worked on every fashion game Nanobit made so far, but he’ll excel at any type of project he gets assigned to. Loves SF, hoards games but – being a completist – can’t find … More

Iva Butković, Art Director

Iva is a quiet, lovely lady who draws like Samwise. That’s Samwise Didier, Art Director at Blizzard, not Samwise Gamgee from LOTR – although we hear he can also draw pretty well. She’s an expert on character design and is constantly working to improve her already amazingly impressive skills. Iva watches a lot of documentaries and is a … More

Ana Spasojević, Head of HR

Just like she likes to cook and try out different recipes, Ana likes finding perfect candidates so she can fit them into the big delicious Nanobit pie. She believes that candidates are ingredients without which our Nanobit team would be tasteless and incomplete. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that she enjoys creating employee engagement … More

Vladislav Peruško, Head of Finance

With a strong auditing and tax background, our Excel Superhero is exactly what we need. He is in charge of making our Nano procedures as profitable and efficient as could be, and his favourite colour for painting all the numerous spreadsheets is green. Everyone would agree that he is a bubbly people-person, always here to share a laugh or two … More


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