Tabou Stories: Love Episodes

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes

Live out your fantasies in a game where your choices determine everything!

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes allows you to spice up your life. Awaken your desires, explore your fantasies, and experience the situations you’ve only dreamed of in our interactive stories full of romance, drama, and scandal!

Hidden desires

Are you ready to confess your desires, or are you going to keep them hidden?

Sweet romance

You might have given the wrong impression. Will you make it right?

Juicy drama

Will you blame it on your washer, or will you trust your instincts?

Ultimate betrayal

How long can you keep playing the field? Whose heart are you going to break?

New chapters daily

Need more juicy drama? Stay tuned for new and exciting content!

Most taboo stories

Immerse yourself in stories filled with love, passion, friendship and rivalry.

He seems shy, but he might surprise you... Or he might fire you, since he is your boss! Will your colleague help you or compete with you?

From our players

“I have enjoyed art style of Tabou Stories from the first time I have opened the game! With every new story or chapter, I always think that it cannot get any better – and I always get proven wrong! Props to the art team and keep on rocking!”

When you get entangled in a passionate love triangle with two rival nightclub owners, will you end up the seducer or the seduced?

From our players

I absolutely love this game! I get so excited when new stories come out and I always reread the ones I have already read, because I love them so much! Tabou Stories has got to be my favorite game. 

Your nights are spent exchanging steamy messages with a mysterious stranger... until you find out he's one of your new neighbors! But which one?

Join in and be part of our growth journey..

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