Let’s greet Crete!


Our recent rebranding isn’t the only way we’re going to celebrate our 10th birthday 😉 We’ve decided to combine a few of our favourite things – education, team buildings and parties!

We’re leaving today for Chania, a city on the northwest coast of Crete, where a bus will pick us up and take us to the beautiful Minoa Palace Resort (we hope there’s no Minotaurs there!), where three days of learning and relaxation await!

First of all, we’ve planned lectures from experts in the gaming industry, and we can’t wait to have our own mini-conference. We will hear from Nikola Stolnik, who started the Good Game championship, a B2B esports tournament where company representatives compete for a good cause. Up next – Ante Vrdelja, the Chief Marketing Officer at Croteam, a fellow Croatian gaming studio, best known for their games Serious Sam and The Talos Principle. Then another game-dev colleague, Krešimir Špes, the lead programmer and co-owner of Cateia Games. Last but not least, we’ll hear from our very own colleagues, who each have something to teach us.

Learning is always great, but we’re also very much looking forward to the more extracurricular stuff we have planned – beaches, lagoons and cocktails! A trip to the famous lagoon of Balos, with its pink sand and turquoise sea is sure to refill our batteries and inspire us for another 10 years at least. We always love to spend time together, and we’ve already planned a blast-from-the-past Uno tournament and the seaside must-have –  Bela tournament.

Follow our trip on social media and forget gloomy Zagreb weather with us!