Zagreb will easily become your second home.


A hub for entrepreneurship and innovation


The high tech startup ecosystem has been thriving making Croatia the recipient of Europe’s largest startup fund in 2019.​ Nanobit is contributing to the rising IT scene by being one of Croatia’s largest IT exporter. We are also proud to rank among Croatia’s top 5 tech companies and made twice the Financial Times list of FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies. ​


International work environment and worldwide events


Nanobit is a Croatian company with a global reach. We speak several languages, and we represent 7 nationalities making our work environment diverse and enriching. Every year we make the stage across several worldwide events where our team got the chance to meet the pioneers of tech industry in Europe and the world.


All year-round entertainment


Zagreb is a vibrant and dynamic city with a wealth of museums and restaurants. The city is marked by the sheer number of coffee shops all across the city reflecting Croatian coffee culture and the joyful and laid-back atmosphere of the city.​ Zagreb is as alive in the day-time as at night. There’s always something happening. The city offers something for all taste buds. ​


A city of lush greenery ​


Are you a nature lover? Even if you’re not, you’ll fall in love with the breath-taking Zagreb's landscapes. From parks and lakes to Medvednica mountain... The captivating nature has been attracting visitors from all over the world. ​


Warm, friendly and English proficient!


Croatian people have the Mediterranean vibes: They are friendly, warm and super welcoming! You will find most people speak perfect English, so as a foreigner you won’t have any worries communicating and making friends!


A very affordable European city


Despite being a tourist destination, Zagreb is still among the most affordable cities in Europe. It is a budget city where you can eat, drink and have fun – all within budget. ​ With the diversity of its offerings and everything being just around the corner, it is par excellence among Europe’s most affordable cities!


A modern metropolis with a touch of local tradition


Zagreb is fusion of Central European 19th - century Austro-Hungarian architecture and Mediterranean spirit and lifestyles making it a singular and unique city. ​ In the heart of Zagreb is situated the Dolac market, the most main open-air farmers' market, Known also as the "belly of Zagreb". The market has been the city’s major trading place since 1930! Now it is an icon for home-grown fruits and vegetables that reflects locals traditional food practices. ​


Gateway to the best weekend escapades


Zagreb is perfectly located for exploring other parts of Croatia. With over 1200 Croatian islands, Zagreb is your gateway to the best destination for weekend escapes. Immerse yourself in the turquoise water of Adriatic sea.


Europe’s major destinations are a drive or flight away


Zagreb is very well- connected to Europe’s major cities. Either by plane, train or a car London, Frankfurt, Rome, Vienne and more are just a drive away. ​

The city of Zagreb

Is it safe?


Without a doubt! ​ Safe is what all visitors first say when they describe their stay in Zagreb. Like other parts of Croatia, the capital Zagreb is considered a safe and peaceful destination for millions of visitors throughout the year.

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