Nanobit Academy

Employees of Nanobit now have the opportunity to participate in an internal education – NanoAcademy. All Nanopeeps like to learn new stuff and grow on a professional level, that’s why we decided to bring the education to our office. Throughout a period of 8 weeks, employees will be able to participate in presentations & classes about different fields of gaming, getting familiar with subjects outside their usual work domain. Each week, different Nanobit departments will have the opportunity to participate in one lecture.

The topics are:

Week 1: Testing and Experiments

Week 2: Upgrades and Updates

Week 3: Glorious Quality

Week 4: From Great Teams to Great Growth

Week 5: People Unite!

Week 6: Who’s Doing It Right

Week 7: Data, Ditto and Other Ds

Week 8: Let’s Talk Game Marketing

Ready, steady, let the learning begin!