12 — 7 — 2021

We celebrated a new milestone! Our game Tabou Stories: Love Episodes has reached a total of 500 chapters! That is 1.5 million words telling thrilling romance stories.

8 — 6 — 2021

The President of the Republic of Croatia, Zoran Milanović paid a visit to our office. Our CEOs and team shared Nanobit success and achievements throughout the years.

25 — 5 — 2021

How to build a successful career as a developer in the gaming industry? Our Senior Game Developer talks about his Nanobit experience and gives insightful advice.

28 — 4 — 2021

We released a second game in the Arab gaming market, one year after the successful localization of our ‘Hollywood Story’ game which took the MENA region by storm reaching 10M downloads.

26 — 4 — 2021

Our superhit game 'Hollywood Story' celebrates its 6th birthday! Six years since its release, it has amassed 30M downloads and still topping charts and recording stunning results.

30 — 3 — 2021

Starting a career can be challenging, but for those stepping into the gaming industry is nothing less than exciting. Our team talked to Netokracija about this and more.

8 — 3 — 2021

March 8th is another day to celebrate our amazing and inspiring women! We used this excellent opportunity to support young women entrepreneurs. Find out how!

19 — 2 — 2021

Through enticing narratives and interactive storytelling, our games attract millions of players worldwide! What’s our secret? We create immersive gameplay experiences.

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