Behind every successful game, there is a creative team

12 β€” 7 β€” 2021

Behind every successful game, there is a creative team

We celebrated a new milestone! πŸŽ‰ Our game Tabou Stories: Love Episodes reached a total of 500 chapters! That is 1.5 million words telling thrilling and immersive romance stories for our players worldwide. Oh, you’re wondering how did we count words? Well, ask our Content and Editorial teams πŸ˜‰ who have been working tirelessly, yet passionately, on every storyline and game reference. 

Content and Editorial teams 

Content Designers, Story Designers, Content Testers, Content Producers, Story Editors... Yep, it takes a village to create mesmerizing, narrative and captivating content for millions of players around the world.

β€œWhat I love about this job is the fact that we do so many cool, creative things! Sure, importing chapters is a big part of our job, but we also come up with all clothes, scenes, characters, references, covers, cutscenes, etc. Basically, all game content and everything that makes it so special, apart from stories themselves, is designed by the Content team.”

 Β­Β­Β­β€“ Korina Winter, Junior Content Producer

As we have a sweet tooth, and it goes without saying that we celebrated this milestone with cakes! and of course a group photo of some of our Content and Editorial teams - missing those who are enjoying the beauty of remote work!



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