A day in the life of a Game Designer at Nanobit

20 — 8 — 2021

A day in the life of a Game Designer at Nanobit

A column written by our colleague Payal Thakur, Senior Game Designer and published by Netokracija at: www.netocratic.com

I’m Payal Basu Thakur and I work as a Senior Game Designer at Nanobit. I’ve worked in the game design industry for seven years now, but it feels like I started yesterday. Cliched but true. I always hoped to move to Europe to allow myself an opportunity to broaden my knowledge and experience.

My strive to explore landed me in this beautiful country of Croatia and I couldn’t be happier to start my journey overseas from here!

Now to get back to the topic at hand – What is it like on a typical day in the life of a Game Designer? Honestly, there’s no such thing, as no two days are alike, and I thank the gaming gods for that! A typical 9-5 is far from what you should expect while working in this industry and I can safely say that’s why I love doing what I do. 

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