Extending our know-how among students in Slavonski Brod

24 — 9 — 2021

Extending our know-how among students in Slavonski Brod

Nanobit is no stranger to working with the student community in Croatia. Since its inception, Nanobit has been actively involved in several events and initiatives through speaking at events, organizing workshops to give insights on the mobile games making process and the IT industry as a whole as well securing internship opportunities and exposing students to real work-life experiences.

This time we are proud to extend our know-how among the student community outside of Zagreb by taking part in the annual BrodTech conference 2021 held in Slavonski Brod. Our Artists Ivor Strelar and Dino Cokljat specifically designed a workshop on 3D modeling in Blender to benefit over 25 high-school students with an interest in Digital Art. 

That was not all, the day was concluded with a presentation on “Artists in IT” in which our artists addressed what career paths could Artists have in IT and gaming industries? The presentation was followed by an enriching discussion on the status of the gaming industry in Croatia and what can the education system do to improve it. 

We are glad to have joined forces with other associations and stakeholders to expand the reach to the student community in Slavonski Brod. This is the beginning of more to come cooperations to empower students and stimulate their interests in pursuing careers in ICT. 


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