Gifting and empowering women

8 — 3 — 2021

Gifting and empowering women

March 8th is another day to celebrate our amazing and inspiring women! We also used this excellent opportunity to support young women entrepreneurs. Find out how!

At Nanobit women make up 47% of our team and March 8th is just another day to celebrate our amazing and inspiring women! This year, we decided to celebrate it a bit differently – of course, we neither skipped presents nor chocolate! We gifted our ladies handcrafted, scented candles as a token of appreciation. 

So, what’s different this year? We used this excellent opportunity to support young, ambitious and creative women out there. This time, we chose to support young female entrepreneurs through purchasing all our International Women’s Day gifts from a female student from Zadar, Croatia who has just launched her own business. Dominique Vrkljan, handcrafts beautiful scented and eco-friendly candles. 

We were delighted with the unique presents, but also proud we have contributed to sharing Dominique's success story as a young female entrepreneur who is slowly but steadily growing her business. 

Our Women's Day celebration didn't stop here, we're organizing an Instagram Live on March 30th entitled ''She Makes Games'' during which three of our female colleagues: Andrea Glavačević, Story Designer; Lea Boševski, Game Artist and Marta Kunić, Senior Game Developer will talk about their roles and how the started a career in the most thriving industry: mobile gaming. 

Happy Women's Day to all women out there! 



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