How to build a career as a developer

25 — 5 — 2021

How to build a career as a developer

How to build a successful career as a developer in the gaming industry? Luka Kunic, our Senior Game Developer, shared with Bug his four-year journey in Nanobit and talked about his experience in the mobile game development industry as a whole. 

I would describe these four years at Nanobit mainly as fun. The people of Nanobit are the ones who make Nanobit. There is always something going on, someone is organizing something, something is being celebrated, and all this contributes to the togetherness and positive atmosphere in the company.

For Junior Developers and students with little to no prior experience in the gaming industry – you also have the opportunity to head off to a fulfilling career in game development. How? Listen up to what advice Luka has for you! 

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