Nanobit empowers youth to build IT skills

21 — 10 — 2021

Nanobit empowers youth to build IT skills

Nanobit partnered with Connect IT Association from Slavonski Brod to launch the pilot project “Menthor program 2021” – an internship program that aims to harness students IT skills and stimulate their interest in career paths in ICT.  

After a year since its acquisition – which made the largest investment in the history of the ICT industry in Croatia, Nanobit is committed to further impacting the ICT scene through empowering and supporting youth. The partnership with Connect IT comes as part of Nanobit’s objectives to give back to the community through closely working with student communities and expand its activities’ reach to talent outside of Zagreb.  

Since its inception, Nanobit has been playing an active role among the student community. Our partnership with Connect IT association is an extension of our efforts to empower and support youth so that they make inroads in IT sector and contribute to the overall success of the ICT scene in Croatia. 



“We at Nanobit are extremely proud of our culture and approach to work and we live by our motto ‘Put Extra Into Ordinary’. We understand that our company’s success is the result of the quality work of our team and for this reason, it is extremely important to invest in future talents as early as in high-school days. Another reason why we decided to support this project is that we see Slavonski Brod as a super ‘hub’ when it comes to young, educated people and we want to present ourselves in this part of Croatia as well,”  said Khaoula T. Babic, Corporate Communications Manager of Nanobit.


The MentHor program aims to empower 12 high-school students of 3rd and 4th grades through projects and develop their IT skills to stimulate their interest in career paths in ICT. Mladen Sudar, the President of Connect IT emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between the IT sector and education. 

“With this program, we want to act proactively and through working with young people, and even with children, create the preconditions for them to direct their careers to the ICT sector. The only right way in educating young people is a deep connection between the economy and the education system, and this program enables both of them to cooperate,” said Mladen Sudar, President of the Connect IT Association. 


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