Nanobit Summer Internship Program

2 — 8 — 2021

Nanobit Summer Internship Program

As part of our summer internship program, we welcomed three brilliant FER students who joined our Game Dev team for a month-long learning journey! At the end of their stay with us, we touched base with Danijel and Kristijan to check how their internship went. These are their answers:  

Why did you choose Nanobit for your internship?

Kristijan: I’ve always liked playing games and the idea of making games myself sounds like a dream job for me.

Danijel: I am interested in game development and the company culture seemed fun, so I gave it a shot.

Kristijan Škrlec

What projects did you work on during your one-month internship?

Kristijan and Danijel: First, we had to separately make few minigames in Cocos2d-x engine, like drawing, puzzle game and billiard, which were simple, but complex enough to learn the basics of making games. The second part of the internship was a group project during which we focused on designing a hyper-casual game of our choice.

Danijel Bajlo

What did you learn?

Kristijan: Basically, the whole game-making process was new to me, so I learned a lot –­from which programs to use to some useful code design practices.
Danijel: I learned how to use Cocos2d-x, got the hang of MacOS, and learned about Jira  

What did you like most about your Nanobit internship?

Kristijan: It made me realize what I want to do for the rest of my life. 
Danijel: I really felt part of the team! We were surrounded by colleagues who were always ready to help with both programming and any other questions we had. At the end of the internship, everybody in the office tried playing our game and get the high score.


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