Spreading the holiday cheer in our office

9 — 12 — 2020

Spreading the holiday cheer in our office

Are you big on holiday spirit? We sure are! Some of us have already got into the festive spirit! Who else thinks Christmas can’t come soon enough this year?

Yep, 2020’s social distancing, wearing masks and WFH didn’t prevent us from getting into the festive spirit, and early on, too. Our Christmas tree lightened up our PacMan zone with blue and yellow ornaments – by the way, who wears them better, Ivica or the tree?  

Guess who visited the office last night? 
Today we got overloaded with joy at the sight of a sea of gifts under our Christmas tree! It’s Secret Santa! He didn’t skip the fun this year at Nanobit.  

We’re sending gifts, we’re receiving gifts and exchanging best wishes! Despite WFH, the festive season and holiday spirit are bringing us closer together. We wish you a gameful, fun and joyful holiday season!  

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