Our UA team extending the reach of our games worldwide

16 — 12 — 2020

Our UA team extending the reach of our games worldwide

Our games have reached 10M players. How we did it? We got a great UA team. Find out about their roles and how they expand the reach of our games globally. 

You can make great games, but without a good User Acquisition (UA) strategy, no one can ever find out about them. In a highly competitive Mobile Gaming industry, a successful marketing strategy is key to reaching the right players and entering new markets. Today, UA experts are becoming increasingly sought-after. 

In the past years, mobile advertising has been rapidly growing. According to Statista, advertising spending worldwide is expected to surpass 280 billion dollars by 2022 making this market very competitive and the role of UA is increasingly important to the success outreach of games.    

To lean more about their roles in expanding the read of our games globally, read what insights our UA Managers, Dora Kušanić, Marko Vidović and Miloš Tomić shared with Netokracija. 

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