Women of Nanobit driving success in gaming industry

9 — 11 — 2020

Women of Nanobit driving success in gaming industry

How women are driving success in gaming industry?  

Women in Adria visited our office and talked to our ladies on their work at Nanobit and gaming industry. 

Women have been making inroads into the Game Development realm. The booming of the global Gaming Industry has been attracting top talents from a broad range of educational backgrounds.  

The gaming industry in Croatia has experienced a boom in recent years, and the largest player in this sector is Nanobit. We wanted to find out what role women play in this success.  

The fact that almost 50% of employees at Nanobit are women makes us think about whether the future of the gaming industry in Croatia is increasingly attracting more women. The four women we spoke to were in charge of different segments of game development and revealed to us why everyone can find their place in the IT world.” 

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