Working in Nanobit Easy living, hard working.

Continuous  professional development

In Nanobit, we believe in continuous learning so that every team member develops technical and soft skills, advances career goals and flourishes even more! Internal and external education is what we cherish and hold dear! From newcomers to veterans, we are committed to paving the way for our employees to learn and grow at every stage of their careers.

Dora User Acquisition Manager

In the fast-paced gaming industry, attending worldwide conferences has helped us stay on top of the emerging marketing trends

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Unleash the gamer inside of you

Gaming is the pulse of Nanobit. Our offices are designed as an hommage to games, the tenth form of art. We love to play – all games. You name it, we play it. To fuel our energy, we often take refuge in our VR or PS rooms. Oh, ping-pong is what you prefer to play? We've got you covered!

Career switch

Some of us are gamers, others are not. We are brought together by our passion to embark on a fulfilling professional career path. Whether you’re coming with a gaming background, or driven by your motivation for making superhit games, we embrace all diverse skill sets. We support our people to pursue their passion, ambitions and aspirations through empowering them to switch into the field of their choice.

Jelena Game Designer

I landed my dream job thanks to a company culture that empowers employees who show potential and interest in switching careers.

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Your well being is our priority

We jumpstart our day with fresh fruits and healthy snacks! Other early birds among us use our Multisport card to hit the gym right before heading to work. At lunch o’clock, we provide our team with daily healthy meals to boost our energy and maintain our well-being!

Career growth

We established a favorable work environment for everyone to grow, thrive and achieve career fulfillment. One of our employees’ favorite aspects of working at Nanobit is the possibility to take on new responsibilities and assume new roles as they progress within the company.

Matija Game Producer

Nanobit supported my eagerness to learn and grow. I have gradually assumed greater responsibilities to achieve my goal to be a Game Producer.

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Curious to learn more about life in Zagreb ready to join the nanobit team

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