Spring Cleaning in Nanobit!

Recently Nanobit celebrated a huge milestone – no less than our 10th birthday! We decided it was time for some big changes – out with the old, in with the new.

If you’re reading this, you’re already on our new website – notice the changes? Let’s see what we did…

First and foremost, we changed our logo! Our trusty four-leaf clover brought us so much good luck over the years we didn’t really want to change it entirely. But it has a new look, and we love it!


With a good crest comes a good motto – from now on, ours is Put extra into ordinary because that is exactly what we strive to do every day. To put that little bit of extra into ordinary moments, and make sure our players have that to look forward to every day!

With this new look and words to bolster us, we needed to make sure our offices reflected that. A bit of magic, and everything changed just like Cinderella for the ball – our offices sure are extra!



And finally, every single employee had a surprise waiting for them – we found a huge wrapped present waiting for us in our living room and, lo and behold, it held a personalised package for everyone! Inside we found goodies with our new logo so we can wear it proudly and boldly go into the next ten years. What are we up to next?