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#Art — 3 minute read

Stepping into the realm of digital art

Video games have always been part of my life. I remember always having a pencil in my hand sketching my own versions of some game characters in my school notebooks. For quite a while I wasn't able to imagine that I would draw for a living – and to eventually combine it with my passion for gaming.

Iva Junior Artist

#Data Analysis — 3 minute read

My onboarding experience at Nanobit

“I felt welcomed!” said Vanja, Junior Data Analyst at Nanobit who described her first day as packed with information but not overwhelming. Vanja who joined the team a couple of months ago describes her overall onboarding experience and her first months at Nanobit.

Vanja Junior Data Analyst

#Development — 4 minute read

Coding for gaming

To me, making games was a fascinating crossroads between many disciplines, where creative powerhouses meet to create wondrous, impactful art through solving a variety of complex engineering issues.

Marko Senior Game Developer

#Quality Assurance — 4 minute read

Game testing is playing the game to break it

QA is indispensable for game development. All in all, we are the last ones to see the game prior to its release, so it is our job to make sure it performs as it should!

Nikola QA Team Lead

#UX/UI Design — 4 minute read

From informatics to game UX/UI design

In our team, everyone contributes to crafting the bits that make our games super fun! One way of doing it is through User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Find out how!

Ivana UX/UI Designer

#Development — 5 minute

Celebrating 10 years of game development

We snatched Luka immediately after graduation to join our team. Ten years later, Luka is now our Technical Director leading 27 developers. Learn about his Nanobit journey and his favorite moments with us over the last decade!

Luka Technical Director

#Culture — 4 minute read

From India to Zagreb: In pursuit of passion for game design

Payal packed her life in two suitcases. Destination: Zagreb, Croatia. Landing point: Nanobit. Few months later, she thinks this is the best decision she ever made.

Payal Senior Game Designer

#Backend — 3 minute read

From a working student to a full-time employee

We offer students various opportunities to join our teams across different departments to get the chance to develop their skills for a fulfilling and promising career start.

Dominik Backend developer

#Art — 3 minute read

Thriving in an environment that fosters learning

On-the job learning in the workplace has granted our artists with the tools and resources to expand skills and acquire expertise to excel and reach their goals.

Hanja Lead Artist

#User Acquisition — 3 minute read

From Zagreb, through London to Las Vegas, learning never stops

For Dora and Marko, attending worldwide events means staying ahead of the latest marketing trends and benefiting from the knowledge sharing with their counterparts.

Dora and Marko User Acquisition Managers

#Production — 4 minute read

From QA to Game Production: professional growth has no limits

From QA tester to game producer isn't a common career path. Matija, who walked this career path, tells us about his journey toward professional fulfillment.

Matija Game Producer

#Game Design — 5 minute read

Jelena switches careers within the same company

Thanks to the company culture that nurtures career development and supports team members to switch into the field of their choice, Jelena pursued her passion for game design.

Jelena Game Designer

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