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#User Acquisition Managers — 3 minute read
Dora and Marko User Acquisition Managers
Dora and Marko

From Zagreb, through London to Las Vegas, learning never stops

In Nanobit, we believe in continuous learning so that every team member develops technical and soft skills, advances career goals and flourishes even more! Internal and external education is what we cherish and hold dear! From newcomers to veterans, we are committed to paving the way for our employees to learn and grow at every stage of their careers. From team-building workshops, to attending amazing worldwide conferences and meeting the pioneers of gaming industry, we are always glad and proud that our team can take part in global events to advance their career goals.  

In 2019 our User Acquisition Managers, Dora Kušanić and Marko Vidović, attended the “Mobile All-Stars” workshop at Facebook's London office. The workshop’s sessions provided hands-on activities on mobile gaming marketing strategies and best practices. 

“These global events are meant to present the latest and upcoming trends, innovations and marketing tools and features, which gives us heads up and overview of what to expect in the upcoming months. I often find networking among the biggest benefit as we got to meet industry stakeholders and counterparts in other prominent companies – sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas is always enriching. Also, we finally get to personally meet some of the  people and put a face to the name,” said Marko.  

Marko started working in Nanobit in July 2016 as a Marketing Assistant. As Nanobit grew, Marko’s scope of work grew and thus, his position’s title was changed twice to reflect the new roles. With each new role come greater responsibilities and new challenges, but Marko and the rest of his colleagues from the Marketing team have been well-prepared and equipped with the tools they need to excel at their roles.

Each and every conference inspires me to try and test new and different approaches to apply to our work, so there’s definitely a huge benefit in attending them.

Marko Vidović

In the fast-paced gaming industry, attending worldwide conferences has helped us stay on top of the emerging marketing trends.

Dora Kušanić

Marko and Dora hit the road again: Destination Las Vegas 

This time Dora and Marko attended the world’s leading mobile acquisition and retention summit in Las Vegas! Yes, Vegas! 

Over 2500 leaders from top mobile brands gathered at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for two full days of learning and networking! The event, which gathered participants coming from top 1000 apps, was marked by an excellent lineup of speakers. The agenda was enriching, covering trends and best practices in the mobile acquisition and retention industry.   
"Mobile Apps Unlocked" in Las Vegas is one of the biggest mobile gaming conferences. Every year, it brings together thousands of professionals to address a wide range of topics relevant to the mobile app industry. 

“Almost every year, someone from the Marketing department goes to the conference and 2019 was our turn!’’ said Dora, enthusiastically. 

“Our days were packed with lectures as well as meetings with potential partners, but we still managed to find some time to enjoy the scenery of the state Nevada and visit the Grand Canyon.” 

Dora and Marko came back with lots of takeaways which they shared with the rest of the team and started to implement in their day-to-day work.  

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